Pulling The Trigger…

0 years, 7 months, 13 days to go

So, we’ve settled on the major aspects of the retirement house renovations; bump out the kitchen and dining area (basically bump out the whole front of the original house), add a 1st floor 4-season sun room (NOT an old-folks’ 1st floor bedroom suite; at least not YET), improve the rise/over/run of the stairs up to the 2nd floor (tall and narrow now), widen the front dormers (double windows instead of single), massively increase the back dormer in the 2nd-floor master bedroom and add a 2nd closet for Gene, add a 2½ bay 2-story garage (2 over-deep bays for 2 cars, a woodworking shop, and a tool shed on the first floor; a quilt studio and half-bath on the second floor), and a heated breezeway connecting the house to the garage.  Now the gazillion minor decisions begin – what windows, what doors, what hardware, what lights, what heat-pumps, what kitchen cabinets, what appliances, and where does everything go??

We’ve got a set of preliminary blueprints to scribble on to specify where lights and outlets and custom wire runs (sound-system, internet, telephone, intercom, etc.), and we have to start thinking about landscaping possibilities – a hardscape patio off the sun room with a path meandering through the long-planned English Country Garden out front, perhaps?

Our main desire is to retain the “antique” carriage-house feel of the original structure while adding enough square footage and amenities to make full-time residence workable.  Lynn needs space for her quilt tools (multiple sewing machines, a 10-foot quilting machine, lots of cloth scraps for future quilts, lots of flat space to spread out and work on) so she gets the second floor of the garage.  I have computers and telescopes and woodworking tools and genealogy records and books, so I get the smaller bedroom on the 2nd floor of the house as an office and the back right corner of the first floor of the garage as a woodworking shop.  We’ll finish off the entire lower floor (formerly known as the cellar where my office and my woodworking tools and my computers lived) as a guest suite with a bathroom, so visitors will be more comfortable than now.


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